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Imagine Meadowbrook by Avrom Shtern

Imagine sparkling vernal ponds,
shimmering autumnal pools, serpentine streams,
freshwater marsh.
Imagine trill of toad, call of Woodpecker,
howl of red fox.
Imagine woodland flowers and wispy ferns.
Imagine trees like
shagbark hickory, hackberry, cork elm,
black cherry, black willow, bitternut hickory and green ash.
Imagine meadows, hillocks.
Imagine cross-country skiing, snowshoeing,
tobogganing, walking, jogging, biking,
talks about nature.
Imagine breathing in tranquility minutes from the urban core.
Imagine Meadowbrook!

Photo of Sensitive Fern by Dave Fletcher.

Shagbark hickory tree

*Photo by Dave Fletcher, Meadowbrook, June 2005

Meet the shagbark hickory tree. The presence of this rare species indicates that there may have been a North American Indian settlement in the Meadowbrook area. Read more in an article by Bronwyn Chester.