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The Last Viable Green Space in our Region

Meadowbrook is 57 precious undeveloped hectares in the greater southwestern Montreal region. The green space cleans the air, mitigates the heat island effect, features ancient trees, and two of the few remaining streams on the island. It also provides a stopover for migrating birds and is home to a wide variety of birds, animals and insects.

In January 2015, the Agglomeration of Montreal adopted a new Urban Plan designating the Lachine portion of Meadowbrook as “Espace vert ou récréation”, with the result that the whole of Meadowbrook is now preserved as a green space and protected from construction.  Meadowbrook was the space most frequently mentioned by citizens and groups during the public consultations for the new Urban Plan.  The green space is owned by private developer Groupe Pacific.

We continue to monitor activity around Meadowbrook very closely and want to ensure that it is eventually preserved as an urban nature park, open and accessible to all Montrealers. Our masterplan shows you one way this area could be used by the public for generations.

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