We’re grading Montreal on the 20th!

Montreal’s Green Report Card and Panel Discussion – April 20, 2017
One year after the adoption of the Charter for the Protection of Montreal’s Green Spaces and Natural Environments (Green Charter), a roadmap for responsible environmental action, it’s time to issue a report card. On April 20, 2017 we’ll do just that.

Come to get the results, and learn about the subjects (found in the Green Charter) from university professors, scientists and experts.

“There’s so much important research in environmental science in and around Montreal, and it is critical to bring this to the public’s attention,” says Louise Hénault-Ethier, Scientific Projects Manager for the David Suzuki Foundation and event moderator.

Register: bulletin-vert.eventbrite.ca


Urban sprawl – Jochen Jaeger, Geography, Planning and Environment, Concordia University, www.concordia.ca/artsci/geography-planning-environment/faculty.html?fpid=jochen-a-g-jaeger

Biodiversity, ecosystems and habitats – Marie-Ève Roy, Institut des sciences de la forêt tempérée, UQO, https://isfort.uqo.ca/notre_personnel/marie-eve-roy

Moratorium of development on green spaces – Bradford Dean, Coordinator, Sierra Club Quebec

Green spaces – Gareth Richardson, President, Green Coalition, http://www.greencoalitionverte.ca/

Reducing car dependence – Jean-Francois Lefebvre, Département d’études urbaines et touristiques, UQAM, http://deut.esg.uqam.ca/

Access to local green spaces – Serge Quenneville, Coordinator, Éco-quartier Sud-Ouest www.ecoquartiersudouest.com

Moderator: Louise Hénault-Ethier, David Suzuki Foundation


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