The City of Montreal has won

Superior Court Judge Pepita G. Capriolo has handed down her decision in the $44 million case opposing Groupe Pacific, the owners of Meadowbrook, and the City of Montreal.

The City of Montreal has won on all counts.

Groupe Pacific alleged that the City had to all intents and purposes expropriated the land and had acted in bad faith in dealing with them. The promoter was asking $28.5 million for the disguised expropriation and further added $10.4 million for the loss of housing unit sales and a further $5.045 million for the loss of lot sales. Groupe Pacific had originally purchased the land for $3 million in 2006.

In her decision, the judge said the promoter did not manage to prove bad faith in the case of the City.  She also dismissed any damages: the promoter was requesting damages for both the loss of housing unit and lot sales.

Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook is very pleased with the outcome of this case and will continue its campaign to make Meadowbrook an urban nature park accessible to all.

See, Pimento Report #124, “Meadowbrook — A Park for All”. Go to 7 minutes, 40 seconds in the timeline to view Campbell Stuart’s presentation on the history of the struggle to preserve Meadowbrook and an interview with Campbell about the significance of this lawsuit. (In English only.)

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