Restoring nature to the heart of the city

Les amis du parc Meadowbrook joined with ten other environmental groups* to create a new collective, the Collectif en connectivité du sud-ouest de Montréal.

The Collectif’s first action was to provide information booths at a variety of events in Montreal’s Southwest: the Cyclovia, on August 21, and the citizens’ inauguration of the green belt on September 17, and at Parc des Rapides on September 24.

Sauvons la falaise at the Bande Verte inauguration

Collectif en connectivité du sud-ouest de Montréal.

Les Amis du parc Meadowbrook at Parc des Rapides











They also submitted a brief and made an oral presentation to Montreal’s Office de consultation publique at the City’s Réflexion 2050 consultation, with the thought that proposals for the southwestern sector of the City are equally valid for the rest of Montreal.

The Collectif observed that existing connections are oriented east-west and that north-south connections are lacking, a statement that is also true for the rest of the territory. The Collectif called for the implementation of the Dalle Park over the Turcot Exchange to remedy this situation. It also identified many barriers to mobility, concluding that by 2050 twice as many natural spaces will be needed in the City to respond to the population’s needs for travel, and physical and mental health, as well as biodiversity loss and climate change. The City must promote green infrastructure and urban agriculture, as well as increase the percentage of protected green space beyond the 10% target, by including biodiversity and mobility in every plan for development and infrastructure and encouraging private landowners to make their properties greener.


* Collectif en connectivité du sud-ouest de Montréal : Amis des parcs, Demain Verdun, Éco-quartier Sud-Ouest, GRAME, Héritage laurentien, Les amis du corridor vert d’Hydro-Québec à Montréal-Ouest, Les amis du parc Angrignon, Maison de l’environnement de Verdun, Sauvons la falaise, UrbaNature Éducation, Les amis du parc Meadowbrook.



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