Could the Hydro Quebec green corridor project  provide  an access to Meadowbrook for St-Pierre?

For many years now, one of the major obstacles to creating a park on Meadowbrook has been the presence of rail lines that prevent any access to those who need it the most: the people of St-Pierre.

Hydro Quebec recently announced a green corridor project that might provide an answer to this conundrum. In modernizing its power lines between the Saraguay and Aqueduc power stations, Hydro Quebec is contemplating the creation of an 18 km green corridor for biodiversity and active transportation (walking, cycling). The $500 million project should be completed by 2025. For more information, you can visit

This will be a long process since Hydro needs approval from the Environment Department, the Régie de l’énergie and the BAPE. It is also consulting with stakeholders all along the corridor to tailor the different sections to local needs.

We are talking here about the hydro lines that run in the back of Roxton Road in Montreal West and intersect the southern tip of Meadowbrook, where an informal path already exists. Hydro Quebec suggests that if they along with their partner the City of Montreal and citizens encourage CP, it might be more open to approving walkways over its rail lines.

This is definitely one we are going to follow…

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