Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook celebrates 25th anniversary with a Danse Party Gala

25 years of protecting Meadowbrook from development is a good reason to throw a party!Meadowbrook creatures ready to party at 25th anniversary gala

On October 17, Les Amis did just that at Royal West Academy, who generously contributed both the auditorium and student volunteers (who were only too eager to dress in Meadowbrook animal costumes). Over 200 supporters and friends from all over the island of Montreal came for a Rock vs Disco Danse Party Gala to celebrate the group’s accomplishments and to find out what needs help from here on. The students served food, helped the dance judges, and guided winners to the door prizes donated by merchants and supporters, while the cheerful bartenders were kept busy pouring drinks for the thirsty dancers.

Disco was declared the winner (4:3) by the comedy trio of judges, and the trophy was presented to the excellent DJ, also the sound and light expert.  Revelers had to be asked to leave at 12:45 pm, a sign the evening was a resounding success.  The Gala raised over $6,500, not including the good will that has sustained Les Amis and will be needed in the future to confront current City plans to negotiate with the developer.

Many thanks to Daniel Boulerice, Barbara Tekker, Muffy Brown, Campbell Stuart, Irwin Rapoport, Wendy Dodge & Liz Cooper for their enthusiasm in organizing this celebration. We are also grateful for the many SOS Meadowbrook people who sold tickets and the many volunteers who stepped up to make this event a success:  Joann Egar, Sondra Sherman, Louise Legault, Andy Dodge, Patrick Asch, Rebecca Million, Una Million-Lovett,  Zoe Fargnoli Brown, Simone Faregh-Zgierski, JD Mogil, and Jacob Mogil, DJ Chris Iannotti and the Royal West Academy Environment Committee students.

Looking forward to keeping Meadowbrook green forever!

Meadowbrook table at 25th anniversary partyMeadowbrook 25 anniversary gala

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