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Vidéos sur Meadowbrookk

Interview with: Patrick Asch, in front of the Meadowbrook Gate, and comments from Claude Dauphin, Claude Dauphin, Mayor of Lachine,, Anthony Housefather, Major of Cote Saint Luc , April 6, 2010 day before Les Amis’ Montréal City Hall Event.

Interview with Bernice Goldsmith and Ralph Laurie of CTV News on Meadowbrook,  presentations and comments by Les Amis: Avrom Shtern, Dida Berku, Wendy Dodge and comment by Campbell Stuart at Labreque Commission, May 8 & 9, 2007

SOS Meadowbrook – Thomas Mulcair speaks out Press Conference at Toe Blake Park, Montreal-Ouest, April 7, 2010

The Pimento Report / Le Piment #021 – Meadowbrook, The People Speak
A video which shows the support for Meadowbrook as a park at Montreal City Hall.Press Conference at which Luc Ferrandez and François Croteau voice support for Meadowbrook. April 19, 2020

Meadowbrook “Ducks Galore”, April 16, 2010

Meadowbrook Foxes Watch the frolicking foxes on Meadowbrook. Footage taken and edited by David M. Robertson,April 16, 2010

Pimento Report / Le Piment #018 Meadowbrook: Natural Spaces Program
Discussion of Montreal’s Natural Spaces program and a visit to Meadowbrook in winter.  Beautiful scenes of Meadowbrook with snow.

Vidéos sur Meadowbrook et d’autres projets connexes

Pimento Report / Le Piment #019 – Patrick Asch: The Montreal Greenway

Patrick Asch, founder of l’Héritage Lurentien talks about a green belt for Montreal and the importance of Meadowbrook in that system.

The Pimento report / Le Piment #14 The Turcot Challenge
Critics discuss Quebec”s plans for major highway project and its relationship to the the Falaise, the  trame vert and Meadowbrook

The Pimento Report / Le Piment #002 Le Parc écologique<
Green Coalition VP David Fletcher describes the partnership behind Montreal’s concept for a Greenwayéos sur Meadowbrook