Access to Meadowbrook Park

To achieve our goal of making Meadowbrook a nature park accessible to all, it is necessary to provide access for the population.

This map shows the full range of possibilities that can be achieved with the right will.

Currently, the only access point is at the end of Côte-Saint-Luc Road in the municipality of Côte-Saint-Luc. But Guelph and Mackle Roads, in the same municipality, could also provide access to the envisioned park, if Mackle is extended that far and if the grid is opened to the end of Guelph.

There have been suggestions for reducing traffic on Saint-Jacques Street in Ville Saint-Pierre by extending 1st Avenue to Norman and eventually to Meadowbrook, particularly within the framework of the reconstruction of the Saint-Pierre interchange. This is no small task, because it will require spanning the railway tracks in two locations. Such a project will, however, provide access to Meadowbrook for the people of Saint-Pierre (there is already a tunnel under the tracks at the intersection of Broughton and Norman).

Another promising possibility, this one for pedestrians, is found at the southernmost point of the golf course, where it meets the Hydro-Québec right of way (dotted blue line). A pedestrian path already follows the rail line, passing through the backyards and gardens of neighbouring homes. All that’s needed to extend it all the way to Meadowbrook is one small section at the end.

The 162 bus runs along Westminster, followed by the 103 along Côte-Saint-Luc Road. It’s possible to proceed on foot along the Hydro-Québec right of way to discover this little-known and delightful spot.

There is work still to be done to provide cycling access. The de Maisonneuve bike path runs to Westminster before descending Broughton to join the Lachine Canal bike path, far from Meadowbrook. Another difficulty may be the link between the future green belt at the foot of the Falaise Saint-Jacques and the de Maisonneuve bike path. This route is not guaranteed despite presentations on the subject by Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook.

It will be interesting to follow this issue.

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