Must See Videos

Videos About Meadowbrook

Interview with: Patrick Asch, in front of the Meadowbrook Gate, and comments from Claude Dauphin, Mayor of Lachine, , Anthony Housefather, Major of Cote Saint Luc , April 6, 2010 day before Les Amis’ Montréal City Hall Event.

Interview with Bernice Goldsmith and Ralph Laurie of CTV News on Meadowbrook,  presentations and comments by Les Amis: Avrom Shtern, Dida Berku, Wendy Dodge and comment by Campbell Stuart at Labreque Commission, May 8 & 9, 2007

SOS Meadowbrook – Thomas Mulcair speaks out
Press Conference at Toe Blake Park, Montreal-Ouest, April 7, 2010

The Pimento Report / Le Piment #021 – Meadowbrook, The People Speak
A video which shows the support for Meadowbrook as a park at Montreal City Hall. Press Conference at which Luc Ferrandez and François Croteau voice support for Meadowbrook. April 19, 2020>

Meadowbrook “Ducks Galore”, April 16, 2010

Meadowbrook Foxes
Watch the frolicking foxes on Meadowbrook.  Footage taken and edited by David M. Robertson,April 16, 2010

Pimento Report / Le Piment #018 Meadowbrook: Natural Spaces Program.
Discussion of Montreal’s Natural Spaces program and a visit to Meadowbrook in winter.  Beautiful scenes of Meadowbrook with snow.

Videos About Meadowbrook and Interrelated Projects

Pimento Report / Le Piment #019 – Patrick Asch: The Montreal Greenway
Patrick Asch, founder of l’Héritage Lurentien talks about a green belt for Montreal and the importance of Meadowbrook in that system.

The Pimento report / Le Piment #14 The Turcot Challenge
Critics discuss Quebec”s plans for major highway project and its relationship to the the Falaise, the  trame vert and Meadowbrook

The Pimento Report / Le Piment #002 Le Parc écologique
Green Coalition VP David Fletcher describes the partnership behind Montreal’s concept for a Greenway.