David Suzuki Foundation supports Meadowbrook

At 10:00 AM this morning, Mayor Tremblay received the following letter from the David Suzuki Foundation.

Download an electronic version here.


Dear M. Tremblay,

The David Suzuki Foundation understands that you and the Municipal Council of Montréal are currently deciding the fate of Meadowbrook.

We implore you to preserve all of Meadowbrook as a nature park in perpetuity for the benefit of all Montreallers and their descendents. Please do not permit its destruction for short-term private gain.

We understand that you pledged to preserve Meadowbrook in 2003, and that in 2009 your own Labrecque Commission recommended that it be preserved as a park open to the public.

The arguments for preservation are compelling. Meadowbrook is the only ecologically viable green space left in the greater south-western region of the Island. It plays an essential role in anchoring local ecosystems and is a crucial stopover for migratory birds.

It has a marked beneficial influence on the health of local populations. It improves air quality and lowers temperatures in hot weather by moderating the “heat island” effect. It is too close to railway marshalling yards to be safe for housing.

On the other hand, it has huge potential for healthy recreation by ordinary residents, and for significant benefit to businesses catering to eco-tourists. It will be a mainstay of plans to stop off-island migration.

Mr. Mayor, this is the International Year of Biodiversity and you have undertaken a very public role championing biodiversity on the world stage. Thank you for thinking globally. Now please act locally and preserve all of Meadowbrook.

Should you decide to protect Meadowbrook, you can rest assured that the David Suzuki Foundation will be at your side to lead this exciting project to success. Across Canada, our foundation has committed to helping Canadians in urban centers to reconnect with nature. Montreal can set an example for all Canadian cities.

Preserving Meadowbrook is simply the right thing to do. Please do the right thing. Please do it now.


Karel Mayrand
Director General for Quebec

Photos by Richard Dupuis.

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