A trail through Meadowbrook


There are strawberry fields on the east slope of the hill in the northern portion of Meadowbrook. I can imagine the nature park with a trail going by the hill: school children seeing real strawberries growing wild on the vine.

Nearby is a small marsh with reeds and the songs of red-winged blackbirds. Our trail should go by here also. Everyone should have the thrill of listening to a red-winged blackbird singing in its native marsh.

Further down south is a hickory nut tree. The path should definitely go by here also. Children of all ages could gather nuts in the fall. Off to the west from our little forest is a thicket of low bushes and small trees, homes to small animals. In the early morning, the rabbits come out to feed on the dewy grass. Out in the fairways the swallows climb and swoop. I have seen them drop a feather and then swoop to catch it.

The trail must pass by the giant cottonwoods. They are so magnificent, rising forever into the sky. Nearby are the ancient giant willows in a row. The trail should continue between the rows of ancient large trees over to the Little St. Pierre River. Listen to its melodious babbling. Rest on the bank and look at the variety of colours and textures of the grasses that spring up around the edges.

Continue further and in the twilight watch the flickers feed on the grass. Then just sit and watch the sun set in the west.


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