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Green Coalition Environmental Award

Green Coalition Award 2015The Green Coalition presented Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook with an award on May 14, for exceptional contribution to the environment. Campbell Stuart and Deanne Delaney were pleased and honoured to accept the award on behalf of all our volunteers and supporters over the last 25 years. Many of our steering committee members attended the Green Coalition’s AGM, which brought together many Montreal-area groups that aim to protect natural spaces.

We shared the honour with the Association for the Protection of Angell Woods (APAW). Video may be viewed here.

“It is my great honour and privilege to present Green Coalition Environmental Awards this year to two environmental groups that have set a standard for us all, ” announced award presenter, David Fletcher. He added that APAW has, “Given all Montrealers a natural treasure to celebrate,” and, “The never-say-die commitment to the saving of Meadowbrook has been the stuff of legend.

The Green Coalition presented an award to Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook. These two landmark outcomes give heart to others with conservation goals they want to see met. Next in the immediate queue, the urgent campaign for fields of Pierrefonds West. And then beyond . . . Ile Bizard, Montreal’s east end, downtown, off-island . . . .

Let us hope that another quarter century of doggedness is not needed to achieve the 10% conservation goal set by the Coderre administration. “

Montreal Biodiversity Summit 2010 – Mayor Tremblay misses golden opportunity

In this International Year of Biodiversity world cities are ramping up their conservation efforts. To maintain its international leadership, Montreal must do the same. Les Amis de Meadowbrook and its partners, including Heritage Laurentien, the Green Coalition, the Sierra Club, the David Suzuki Foundation, and many others, call on Mayor Gérald Tremblay to honour his 2003 promise to conserve Meadowbrook.

Read and download the following documents assembled by Les Amies de Meadowbrook for the Biodiversity Summit held in Montreal on April 28-27, 2010: