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Environmental groups present charter to Montreal Agglomeration

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Local environmental groups – Montreal Gazette, April 21 2016

Moratoire sur le développement d’espace verts – Métro, 25 avril 2016

Did you get fooled by the Informer?

On April 1st, Montreal West’s Informer ran an article about Meadowbrook being transformed into a luxury golf course. The article went on to state that the new owner, Donald Trump, could not be reached for comment. The April Fool’s Day piece gave us a good chuckle. Kudos to the Informer’s pranksters, for choosing an issue so near and dear to many hearts, and for pulling it off with such style. Get a look at the gag for yourself.

Four old Meadowbrook trees to be cut down

Ancient Trees Early Spriing Evening - May 10 2014 ReducedFour large old trees on Meadowbrook are expected to by cut by Hydro Quebec, initially at the request of the golf course manager and Groupe Pacific. Now that the area has been designated as a green or recreational area we need to ensure that it is properly protected and preserved. We also need to focus on retaining the character and history provided by the old trees on the property. Hydro Quebec says the trees are decaying but we do not know whether this has been verified by a certified arborist.

We are following this situation closely and urge our supporters to do the same. Please check this post for media coverage updates:

UPDATE: The trees were all cut down April 5, 2016.