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Spreading the word!

Encourage your family and friends to get involved in the campaign to save Meadowbrook and Montreal’s green spaces! Simply copy and paste the message below – even personalize it – and send it by email to your contact list.


Dear [name],

The campaign to save Meadowbrook is underway. The last major green space in Montreal ’s Sud-Ouest is threatened by development this spring. Please check out the new ways to participate and support Les amis de Meadowbrook, member-group of the Green Coalition since 1989. (important info below)

Imagine Meadowbrook being turned into a large nature-park for you and many thousands of other citizens to enjoy. Join in!

Please circulate this message widely.

* * * * * * *

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1. Why a greenway? – Background

By Patrick Asch

A place with unique geomorphic characteristics, Montreal still has a long way to go when it comes to protecting and enhancing our green spaces. The different communities that today form the Montreal agglomeration were initially established thanks to two main factors. One,  the island’s first colonizers travelled along the only “autoroutes” then available, that is, the waterways. But it just so happens that the waterways of Montreal, comprising the des Prairies and Saint Lawrence Rivers, are not very deep and punctuated by rapids.

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2. Why a greenway? – The advantages

By Patrick Asch

When we talk about protecting our green spaces, we inevitably have to confront certain biases that arise from a lack of knowledge about the real importance of this cause. Also, many people are under the impression that protecting green spaces is the concern of ecological-treehugger groups – and thus beyond the general public.

Before coming to any conclusions about the future of green spaces in Montreal, it’s important to look at key data that could shed real light on the value of protecting our green spaces.

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