How You Can Help Meadowbrook

Get Involved in Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook: If you have special skills that might be helpful or have a desire to get involved in saving Meadowbrook, contact us at

Contribute to Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook: Many people are putting in a great deal of effort and money to support this cause and we also need your financial support.  Please send cheques made out to Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook to the address below.  Contributions are not tax deductible because Les Amis actively lobbies for this cause and therefore cannot be granted tax-deductible status.  Receipts will be sent out upon request.  Thank you in advance:
Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook
5131 Westmore Avenue
Montreal, Quebec
H4V 1Z6

You can also donate through PayPal
You don’t need to set up a PayPal account to donate via PayPal. Visa, MasterCard and Amex (American Express)are accepted. Donations through PayPal should be at least $1.20 or more. It is easy, just press the Donate button and follow the instructions.