Dance À GO-GO
    25th anniversary of Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook
    FRIDAY OCTOBER 17, 2014

    7:30 pm

    Royal West Academy, 189 Easton, Montreal-Ouest

    Ticket: $25

    For tickets, email Erica Brown at brownerica.sara@gmail.com

    Green Coalition salutes Avrom Shtern

    The Green Coalition saluted Avrom Shtern at the AGM on May 8. A long-standing supporter of Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook, he is the Green Coalition’s transportation spokesperson with special expertise in rail-transport. Avrom was the very first recipient of the group’s Environmental Award a couple of years ago.

    Sylvia Oljemark presented Avrom with the Green Coalition Salute and complimented him on the way he met the huge challenge of spokesperson in the wake of the runaway train disaster at Lac-Mégantic in 2013. He was sought out by local and international reporters and asked for his comments, interpretation and recommendations as a result of the environmental impacts & human tragedy.

    Avrom responded with aplomb to journalists, and wrote informed and assured opinion pieces in the Montreal Gazette. He also managed to insist that existing setback guidelines from rail-lines be enforced – so that places like Meadowbrook can never be developed.

    Thank you to Sylvia for generously providing her presentation notes,  which served as the basis for this text.

    Campbell Stuart recognized for environmental work

    Congratulations to our very own Campbell Stuart for receiving the Green Coalition’s 2014 Outstanding Environmental Contribution award. This honour recognizes his commitment and work to preserve green spaces in the Montreal area.

    OEC award 2014Campbell has been a member of les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook since 2010 when he became involved with reviving the longstanding group’s work. Through his dynamic leadership, collaborative approach and passion  to save Meadowbrook as a natural green space, he has led the battle on many fronts. He has been instrumental in making numerous informal and formal presentations to Montreal and Quebec officials.

    Campbell has also shared his skills and expertise by mentoring students and volunteers.  He has generously given of his time to help and advise others, and his patience and encouragement is much appreciated.

    We are very honoured as an association to have Campbell Stuart receive this award. It is more than well-deserved for all the energy he has dedicated to environmental causes and, in particular, to Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook.

    Highlights from the Green Coalition’s annual general meeting are included in  the following Pimento Report:   http://youtu.be/GKUcH2yer2U 

Campbell’s presentation starts at 10:10.

    Jane’s Walk 2014

    Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook held tours of the area around Meadowbrook as part of the 2014 Jane’s Walk.

    Dida Berku describes the 25-year-old history of Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrooke

    Dida Berku describes the 25-year-old history of Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrooke

    David Fletcher holds up a water sample containing mollusks. Behind him is one of many ephemeral wetlands that are important for local wildlife.

    David Fletcher holds up a water sample containing mollusks. Behind him is one of many ephemeral wetlands that are important for local wildlife.

    City’s budget cuts leave less money dedicated to protecting Montreal’s natural spaces

    The following articles from The Montreal Gazette, Le Journal de Montréal and Journal Métro cover some of the details:

    Groups unhappy with Montreal decision

    Letter: Montreal fails once again in habitat protection

    Journal de Montréal: CRE-Montreal demande au maire de ne pas couper

    Métro: Coderre coupe dans la verdure




    Link to OCPM REPORT on the city’s future and Meadowbrook mention

    The Office de consultation publique de Montréal made public an extensive report on the future of the city on February 24, 2014. This document presents the major proposals put forth by the Ville de Montréal to ensure development and quality of life for Montrealers through the coming decades. Recommendation #22, on page 143, recommends that Meadowbrook be protected and made into a nature park, a large urban park or an eco-territory.

    You can read the full report online here The report is currently only available in French. However, there is an overview in English on this newswire site.

    This report is based on a public consultation process held last fall that attracted some 1400 people. There were 95 written or verbal briefs, and 1200 people responded to an online questionnaire. However, there has been very little coverage of the report in the media.

    Winter 2014 newsletter

    Winter in Meadowbrook
    Please click: Newsletter

    Les Amis de Meadowbrook holds press conference today about developer’s shocking lawsuit against the City of Montreal

    Les Amis de Meadowbrook, represented by Campbell Stuart, held a press conference today, in front of Montreal City Hall regarding the $44-Million lawsuit filed by developer Groupe Pacific against the City of Montreal.

    The developer acquired Meadowbrook for $3-Million in 2006, knowing perfectly well that it could never be developed. For full details on the lawsuit press release, please click below.

    Download (PDF, 554KB)

    A new green space close to NDG?

    Come hear the highlights of the master plan Les Amis de Meadowbrook and the Conseil régional de l’environnement de Montréal have developed for Meadowbrook Urban Nature Heritage Park Accessible to All. 57 hectares to relax, play, walk, bike and ski, that will be linked to the Lachine bike paths and the Falaise St. Jacques in NDG. Bilingual presentation

    Coralie Deny, Director, Conseil régional de l’environnement de Montréal (CRE)
    Dida Berku, Les Amis de Meadowbrook

    Tuesday, November 19 – 7 p.m
    Coop La Maison Verte
    5785 Sherbrooke St.

    Fall 2013 Newsletter