St. Patrick’s Day Parade

    The gang from Les Amis du parc Meadowbrook (the fox, the rabbit, along with various birds and trees) gathered together downtown before marching in the 2017 St. Patrick’s Day parade. Don Hobus photo.

    Nature in the City

    Transition NDG invited us to collaborate on their first Nature in the City series. Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook now has some new friends in the neighbourhood and we were able to work closely with our sister groups: Sauvons la Falaise, Sauvons L’Anse-a-l’Orme and TechnoparcOiseaux.  We’ve stomped through the snow at L’Anse-a-l’Orme, braved a windy day at Falaise St. Jacques and padded our way across icy paths around the Meadowbrook perimeter. Thank you to presenters and dedicated tour guides Sue Stacho, Louise Legault, Lisa Mintz, Louise Chenevert and Joel Coutu.

    We also thank Kathryn Aitken and Hélène Montpetit for all their work, and their commitment to the connections between green spaces and people. You can learn more about Transition NDG projects by visiting them on Facebook.

    We wind up our series with Lost Rivers, a film about daylighting rivers, on March 21. We’ll learn about Montreal’s St Pierre River, which can be seen at Meadowbrook and used to travel through the falaise and down to the Turcot, where it once fed an ancient lake. Details on Facebook

    There was a walk around the perimeter of Meadowbrook as part of the Nature in the City series of conferences and nature walks organized by Transition NDG, Les amis du parc Meadowbrook and several other organizations. Meadowbrook is still a privately owned golf course, but our long-term goal is to see it become an urban nature park, accessible to all.

    Volunteers Needed!

    Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook is a lively, dynamic group whose mission is to transform Meadowbrook, a 57-hectare green space that straddles the city of Cote St. Luc and the borough of Lachine, into an urban heritage nature park accessible to all. The group is also involved in a great many ways in the fight to preserve green spaces on the Island of Montreal.

    If you would like to make a contribution and bring your special expertise to the table, here are a few suggestions:

    Party! Party! Party!

    Do you like party planning?  Our last dance was a blast! Our fundraising committee is giving it another go with an 80’s-themed dance. The date and venue have not been set yet but stay posted as there will be plenty to do!

    Any other fundraising schemes are also welcome!

    Communications Committee

    If you are a WordPress or a Wiki wizard, we would like to hear from you for help with our website ( and our ecomap project ( We could also use some help on our Facebook page (

    We are planning a “soft” launch of the ecomap with Sierra Club Quebec when the site is completed. The ecomap is an interactive tool that maps green spaces in the Montreal area (

    Les Amis is planning a tour of Lachine, Cote St-Luc, Montreal West, NDG and Westmount over the coming months to inform West-End residents of green issues before the upcoming municipal elections. If you have a suggestion for a venue, please contact us at

    One-year anniversary of the Green Charter- a report card

    For Earth Day 2017, we are putting together an event to grade the City of Montreal in light of a Green Charter adopted last year by several Montreal environmental groups at a forum.       (

    Here are a few of the positions we need to fill–more to come. We are just getting started on this one!

    1. someone to research and manage the food (dinner, beverages)
    2. a couple of people to staff the sign-in table
    3. someone to coordinate information table(s) for groups that want to promote their events
    4. a couple of volunteers to track questions from the audience after the presentation.
    5. a tech-oriented person to help manage the slideshow, microphones, etc.

    Guardians of Meadowbrook

    This is a special initiative to protect Meadowbrook until it becomes a nature park. A number of projects are under consideration: bird boxes and feeders (Meadowbrook is well known to birdwatchers), cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter, access routes to the area, etc.

    Good research, collaborative and negotiating skills are required in this case.

    Sauvons la Falaise

    Les Amis and Sauvons la Falaise ( are partner organisations.  Sauvons la Falaise’s mission is the protection of the Falaise Saint-Jacques ecoterritory that stretches 4 kilometres from Montreal West to Westmount along St. Jacques Boulevard.

    Here is a special assignment, one best suited to geography buffs. We need to make a map of the Falaise with GPS coordinates. For those with a more political bent, we also need volunteers to follow the proceedings of the Turcot Bon voisinage meetings in NDG and the Sud-Ouest as well as volunteers to attend municipal council meetings.

    Thank you for your interest!