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    Presentations about Meadowbrook during Montreal’s public consultation

    Thank you to those who took the time to draft and present briefs to the commission at city hall.  The public consultation on the Montreal urban agglomeration and land use development plan nears its end this week. This plan will serve as a reference for city planning and decision-making by our councillors and mayor. Many briefs mentioned Meadowbrook, an indication of the significant interest in this plot of nature and of its importance to Montreal citizens.

    If you missed the presentations please check out the briefs about Meadowbrook below:

    1. Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook
    2. Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook (présentation) Fall Tree Meadowbrook Sept 2014.Nigel Dove
    3. Anna Symon 
    4. Deanne Delaney
    5. Patricia Rachofsky
    6. Malcolm Lewis-Richmond 
    7. Lisa Mintz 
    8. Nigel Dove (présentation)
    9. Cymry Gomery
    10. Daniel Boulerice
    11. Donald Hobus
    12. Irwin Rapoport
    13. Clayton Symon
    14. Clayton Symon (présentation)
    15. Jochen Jaeger and Megan Deslauriers
    16. Elizabeth Cooper
    17. Save the Park – Patrick Barnard
    18. Al Hayek 
    19. Al Hayek (presentation)
    20. Patrick Asch

    Other presenters included Meadowbrook as part of a broader interest in green spaces on the island of Montreal:

    1. Green Coalition
    2. Green Coalition (presentation)
    3. Protection des oiseaux du Québec
    4. David Fletcher
    5. Linda Besner (présentation)
    6. Bird Protection Québec – Alison Hackney
    7. CRE – Montreal

    Other presentations of interest:

    1. Espaces verts et milieux naturalisés Golf Meadowbrook
    2. Les amis du parc Angrignon
    3. Les amis du parc Angrignon (présentation)

    All the briefs that were presented to the commission can be found at the Montreal City Portal.

    Media coverage of our press conference

    press conference November 12, 2014Montreal Gazette letters – November 17, 2014

    montreal gazette opinion

    ctv news

    Pimento Report-Ménard asked to step down (starts at 38:04)

    global news

    Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook make a case for preserving natural spaces

    Les Amis du Parc  Meadowbrook spokesperson Campbell Stuart presents a brief during  the public hearings on the Montréal Urban Agglomeration Land Use and Development Plan, on Wednesday November 12 at 7 pm. An English summary of the plan is available here.

    These documents  were presented: Mémoire de Les Amis du Parc MeadowbrookAnnexe 1Annexe 2 – Masterplan for Meadowbrook Park

    Press conference: Réal Ménard’s war on the environment

    Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook held a press conference at 10 am Wednesday November 12. Recent disclosures of secret plans for building on Meadowbrook and Réal Ménard’s private negotiations with the developer Groupe Pacific raise alarm bells for the environment and the democratic process in Montreal. Mr. Ménard is a member of the Executive Committee and is the Responsable du développement durable, de l’environnement, des grands parcs et des espaces verts for the Island of Montreal. As such, he is charged with the protection of green spaces and he should not aid in their destruction.

    Download (PDF, 146KB)


    Bois de Liesse Nature Park

    Green Coalition members accompanied Mayor Coderre on a hike through Bois de Liesse Nature Park, a forested area the group successfully fought to preserve. Coderre has promised to protect eight percent of Montreal’s natural spaces from development.

    More information at Montreal Gazette

    Friendly Meadowbrook Park creatures at Ville Saint-Pierre Fête, September 20

    10676407_10152729259575432_866583312539613253_nVille Saint-Pierre Fête de la Paix, (photo: Joann Egar)

    Ville Saint-Pierre Fête de la Paix, (photo: Joann Egar)


    Dance À GO-GO
    25th anniversary of Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook
    FRIDAY OCTOBER 17, 2014

    7:30 pm

    Royal West Academy, 189 Easton, Montreal-Ouest

    Ticket: $25

    For tickets, email Erica Brown at

    Green Coalition salutes Avrom Shtern

    The Green Coalition saluted Avrom Shtern at the AGM on May 8. A long-standing supporter of Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook, he is the Green Coalition’s transportation spokesperson with special expertise in rail-transport. Avrom was the very first recipient of the group’s Environmental Award a couple of years ago.

    Sylvia Oljemark presented Avrom with the Green Coalition Salute and complimented him on the way he met the huge challenge of spokesperson in the wake of the runaway train disaster at Lac-Mégantic in 2013. He was sought out by local and international reporters and asked for his comments, interpretation and recommendations as a result of the environmental impacts & human tragedy.

    Avrom responded with aplomb to journalists, and wrote informed and assured opinion pieces in the Montreal Gazette. He also managed to insist that existing setback guidelines from rail-lines be enforced – so that places like Meadowbrook can never be developed.

    Thank you to Sylvia for generously providing her presentation notes,  which served as the basis for this text.

    Campbell Stuart recognized for environmental work

    Congratulations to our very own Campbell Stuart for receiving the Green Coalition’s 2014 Outstanding Environmental Contribution award. This honour recognizes his commitment and work to preserve green spaces in the Montreal area.

    OEC award 2014Campbell has been a member of les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook since 2010 when he became involved with reviving the longstanding group’s work. Through his dynamic leadership, collaborative approach and passion  to save Meadowbrook as a natural green space, he has led the battle on many fronts. He has been instrumental in making numerous informal and formal presentations to Montreal and Quebec officials.

    Campbell has also shared his skills and expertise by mentoring students and volunteers.  He has generously given of his time to help and advise others, and his patience and encouragement is much appreciated.

    We are very honoured as an association to have Campbell Stuart receive this award. It is more than well-deserved for all the energy he has dedicated to environmental causes and, in particular, to Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook.

    Highlights from the Green Coalition’s annual general meeting are included in  the following Pimento Report: 

Campbell’s presentation starts at 10:10.